Comparable Multiples (Power)

Comparable Multiples (Power)

The problem I have identified is slave mentality and its habits. One must have an independent mind in order to have freedom. Freedom then comes as a direct result of taking ownership of one's present and future. The results of your life are the work you put into your dreams.  The pursuit of those efforts is the pursuit of independence.  To have control you must take the wheel. Eradicate your slave mind first, then seek to organize with others who have eradicated theirs, and then if you like, teach others how to eradicate theirs. This is how you become the solution to the problem.

3 C's of a Personal Brand: Notes of Lecture

3 C's of a Personal Brand: Notes of Lecture

Develop your Brand Story:

Who am I?

What make me standout?

Who knows it?

The 3 Cs of a Personal Brand:

  1. Clarity – Give information in a focused way
  2. Credibility - Deliver on the promise with consistency in performance
  3. Consistency – Consistent in messaging throughout customers

Be ambiguous and reliable

Who am I? Brand Clarity

  1. Services
    1. Have a clear differentiation between other agents
  2. Desired Outcome
    1. Know where you want to go and be clear about it (KPIs)
  3. Mission, Vision, Values
    1. Live your mission, it...

Trader/Investor Portfolio Strategy

Trader/Investor Portfolio Strategy

Trader Portfolio Strategy


  • Stocks held 5-10 yrs in portfolio
  • Based on fundamental & trend analysis, industry expectations, company expectations, new products.
  • Revise each year for changing conditions


  • Options held for 6 months to 1 year
  • Based on Trend Analysis, news and expectations of company
  • Reviewed and revised each month


  • FX, Options, Penny Stocks
  • Based on Market reactions, recent news, newsletters, and trend analysis
  • Held for moments, days, usually less than 2 weeks

Wealth Principles:

Wealth Principles:

Wealth Principles:

  1. Protect what you have
  2. Save 50% of all income
  3. Believe it is possible
  4. Get on the right side of every equation
  5. Pull the Trigger (execute)

Food For Thought!

Food For Thought!

Don’t allow what you experience to influence you!

Experience is a lesson learned…

Influence is attributed to divine guidance!

Be aware of your interpretations. They change with experience and contribute to divine guidance.

A team will always beat the individual!

Work hard for it!

Fully know and understand God (Truth) and make him known!

Know where you are leading people!

How much time does time take, as much time as time needs.

Only spend what you incrementally earn up to 25%…

The future never comes…It is only now!

The focus of being in business is to get your time back.