Cash And Honor

Cash and Honor is an order of "Doers"
Those who will not comprise their moral constitutions and  "move their way".

By repeating the affirmation below aloud your membership is granted!

We are not born for greed,

Let strength, courage, and counsel guide you,

If you are to be greedy

Be greedy for love, family and honor

 Let no fear discourage you...fear does not exist

That which is has no boundaries. Therefore, infinity is all that is.

There is No Other Like Me...
I am infinite
I Will Not Compromise 
Congratulations! You have completed the most difficult part of the process and have joined the elite organization of "Doers"!


There are many clothing brands but, this lifestyle was created for the achiever.  The "Doer", the person who is up late and awakes early with the goals of freedom, achievement, maximizing their potential, and leaving a legacy for generations to come.  

We admire and support those individuals.

Check out our latest designs, and let us know when a blog post impacts your life!

Thank you for your participation and support!