3 C's of a Personal Brand: Notes of Lecture

Develop your Brand Story:

Who am I?

What make me standout?

Who knows it?

The 3 Cs of a Personal Brand:

  1. Clarity – Give information in a focused way
  2. Credibility - Deliver on the promise with consistency in performance
  3. Consistency – Consistent in messaging throughout customers

Be ambiguous and reliable

Who am I? Brand Clarity

  1. Services
    1. Have a clear differentiation between other agents
  2. Desired Outcome
    1. Know where you want to go and be clear about it (KPIs)
  3. Mission, Vision, Values
    1. Live your mission, it tells what you are about
  4. What can customers expect?
    1. What will they receive?

These items must all be focused, put it into 5 lines and adjust the context based on the audience.

 What makes me Stand Out: Brand Credibility 

  • Create New Value – Something no one does [Knowing your client & interests]
  • Create New Value – Provide more service or lower cost [Send an advising report & how they affect investments
  • Create Better Value – Ramp up quality and features [what you know and how you provide it]
  • Your Value Proposition = Experience + Service

 Brand Consistency:  Whose in your network? & What do they say about you? 

Draw a Target Sign:

  • You are the dot in the middle
  • Plot smaller dots around you those are the people you know
  • Categorize your network
  • How close are they to you?
  • Bigger Network = More Resources

 Communicating your Brand Strategy:

  • Make sure how you want to be seen is how others see you
  • Be purposeful
  • If you don’t manage your brand the market will (Take charge of your brand)
  • Deliver uniform messaging across customer/ client groups and messaging outlets (Be the same everywhere or have multiple platforms)


“Only give people information that could be value to them”

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