Comparable Multiples (Power)

(Inspired by Jay Morrison and the movie Freedom Road starring Muhammad Ali)

Timothy Sykes, the Millionaire Trader Teacher, once asked me; “Why can’t I get these guys to learn?  Why isn’t my success record of making Millionaire Traders as high as I would like to it be?”  I had no answers to these questions, which came in late 2016 after my first trade account failed due to not studying Sykes's course in depth.  That year, I lost a lot of confidence in my trading capabilities and subsequently took a hiatus from it.  In 2019, I slowly began trading again.  Scalping a little here and a little there with the modest goal of earning $2K a month.  Fast forward to now, I have the answer.  It’s mentality!  Specifically, the Slave Mentality.


If you have been on social media recently, then you have noticed that most successful entrepreneurs have two distinct traits. One being they started early and second that they experienced some form of educational setback. Whether they were dropouts (i.e., high school, college, grad school) or just decided not to pursue higher education.


In this piece, I correlate educational setbacks with lessening the degree of programming received to create the slave mentality, if it’s not a specialized field like chemistry, medicine, law, etc.  Meaning that 'A' students are the most programmed of us all. The level of programming lessens as we climb down the ladder of slavery and grows as we climb up the ladder of freedom.  A personal stance that Garyvee expressed often is, “you can always go to school, you have plenty of time, focus on discovery and pursuit of your interests.”  I think in this pursuit, we all find mental freedom.


Expounding on the entrepreneurial trait of starting young, I think something happens between the ages of 11 and 26.  This is the age of discovering self-identity/actualization and possibly of losing self-identity/actualization.  I’m not a scientist so I will not say when this is mostly likely to occur and it’s different for each person.  I think discovery of self is the achievement of freedom and this gets programmed away as we become more involved in society.  Doing the things, we have been programmed to do; i.e., starting a family, joining the military, attending college, being accepted into a social circle, career, etc.  I do believe if not taught correctly prior to taking part in organized society, we lose the sense of self, the development of self, the free mind and become trapped.  That is until we can open our mind and shift perspective to break the clutch of this hold later in life.


Jay Morrison, in his latest video, states that an O.G. taught him the ability to identify the problem and seek a solution.  The comparative attributes that I place on others, I myself must demonstrate.  To do that, I must be mentally free myself. The Formula: Solve the problems around me by developing the solution, applying my solution, then if that solution effectively solves the problem, teach others how to apply it in their lives to lead society higher.


The problem I have identified is slave mentality and its habits. One must have an independent mind in order to have freedom. Freedom then comes as a direct result of taking ownership of one's present and future. The results of your life are the work you put into your dreams.  The pursuit of those efforts is the pursuit of independence.  To have control you must take the wheel. Eradicate your slave mind first, then seek to organize with others who have eradicated theirs, and then if you like, teach others how to eradicate theirs. This is how you become the solution to the problem.


The "Richest Man in Babylon" talks to ownership of mistakes, debt, and knowledge then seeking those who have mastered a skill as advisors. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" speaks to laboring for free toward entrepreneurship.  Both books speak to applying your earnings gained from your physical labor to work for you.  Both books are examples on how to eradicate the slave mind.  In past years, I have been immensely comfortable with slaves, slave habits and the enslaved mind.  I had allowed other slaves to lead me in an enslaved direction, yet at my core I knew the way to freedom but did not apply it.  I did not have the confidence to stand on my moral constitution.  Opting to surround myself with those who would not read and did not understand the purpose of books, those who chose to be entertained instead of enlightened.  I wasted time with slaves who would rather party than enrich our culture, those whose life pursuit was for ego and possessions, those who sought to be trendy versus true and those who threw dollars instead of investing and saving for their future.


I blamed all those enslaved minds for my detriment and lack of progress.  I could not see my hand in my own movements, my own undoing from my free will to choose those behaviors.  I had an enslaved mind that stayed in bondage and went along in hopes of not being the bad guy, not wanting to be perceived as uppity, better than, or militant.  During these years I had an intense fear of martyrdom, if I died along the path.


As a result, I have remained in the slave quarters of the average American citizen. I own no property, have no advanced personal financial education, no assets, no businesses, have not started a family, no organization or sense of community and a whole lot of debt.  I traded my freedom for indentured servitude.  Now, I am looked down on by other slaves and free people alike for not having these things.  The standards average citizens hold themselves to have a façade of freedom however, these are not pieces of freedom, in instances where there is debt not assets.


Trapped in the jigsaw of America, trapped in interpretation of freedom. There is only one freedom.  The beauty of change is that once you begin to recognize these things, the chains come off quickly.  I no longer have the fear of walking alone because I must roll up my sleeves and toil in the dirt of my freedom, my future and my dreams.  No one else can get you to Freedom Land, you must drive yourself.  I must align and organize myself with those who are free and learn from them in order to ensure my family's place once I arrive. Once you get freedom you must remain free, financially, mentally and physically. You and your lineage must remain free.


In the past, I was willing to drop an endeavor, then seek others for another endeavor, or working multiple endeavors eventually dropping it when my colleagues exhibited slave habits that I had already conquered or I just lost motivation. In other words, I was chasing money without a sense of direction with others who had a shared vision of blindness.


In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People this is called interdependency.  The goal there is to become independent, then and only then can you achieve a Win/Win relationship in your endeavors.  I would disown our commonness. The similar commonness that brought us together. This may have been folly on my part but I determined it was necessary for my growth. Now, I realize that my real growth will come from walking alone for a while and meeting new people along the way while keeping my autonomy free of influence.  


Freedom is how I shape it.  Only accepting the wisdom of those that can aid/ advise my journey by applying discernment on what applies to me and can push me further along the 'Freedom Road.'  Hopefully, choosing to befriend more freer people than myself, or other slaves with similar vision and have done some of the work with less slave habits while eradicating mine in the process.  Team work or those that have been programmed via MBA graduate courses call this The Study Group.


I can now identify those who are free, so I’m at a good point.  Some characteristics I have noticed and learned.  The free work hard to command every part of their life and future, they exercise and eat healthy to ensure they have the energy for their tasks, they read, seek to improve themselves, build community and seek to improve others in their community. I have participated in these free people habits from time to time.  As I stated before, I know the road to freedom but, the formula is to apply them all consistently until it becomes a lifestyle.  You cannot lack in one area because you will run the risk of remaining a slave or becoming a slave of distinction.  This is the road you travel alone until you have mastered the habits of the free. Thus, mastered yourself.


The surest way is to develop standards for yourself, relationships, associates, family, and friends.  Don't mention a word until you are truly independent.  Don't indulge in intimacy, networking, tribe mentality or organization until you are free.  There will be those who will try to influence you to remain the same, destroy your confidence, tie you down, stop you from your pursuits, slow your elevation, give you a direction, or even slaughter you for trying to separate from the pack.

This is where I find myself, beginning again but hopefully for the last time.  I want this to be also where others begin.  For others to identify their slave habits and activities, and to apply focus and hard work free from distractions as a solution.  For all those with the desire to be free, this is your blueprint.

"None but you can free your Mind"

Bob Marley

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