Thought on the Resource of Wealth

Thought on the Resource of Wealth

Success Thought on the Resource of Wealth:

Money = Gas

Bank Account = Gas Tank

Full Tank = Surplus of Gas

Empty Tank = No Gas

The more gas you have the farther you can go!


Keep your bank account full.  It provides you the opportunity to travel as far as you would like to go without the worry of being stuck in the middle of nowhere (hoping) asking for help! Waiting on that tow service to come and give you an emergency bail out.   Keep your tank full...

Success Words and Phrases

Success Words and Phrases


  • Grow
  • Less Work, More Play
  • Breath
  • More Exercise
  • Don’t Curse
  • Practice Yoga
  • Drink Tea
  • Truth in Triumph (Understand, Grow, Read, Do More)
  • Safety First
  • Keep Going
  • Tighten Up
  • Never Forget
  • Exercise
  • Eat Right
  • Enjoy Life
  • Find Joy
  • Give
  • Rest
  • Read
  • Work Hard
  • Practice
  • Stay Vigilant
  • Diligent Effort Wins the Race
  • Succeed
  • Do
  • Keep Going
  • Be Your Best
  • Army of One (Team You. Team Me. Team Us. Team I)
  • Find Love
  • Do What’s Right
  • Be A Tree
  • Savoir Faire

3 Keys to Success

3 Keys to Success

There is an abundance of resources these days for how to make enormous amounts of money, get into relationships, build families, and retire wealthy.  There are also many lessons that can be found within today's over saturation of information referencing success.  One thing true about success, is that it is a matter of opinion.  What makes one person happy doesn't necessarily make another.

I break down success into 3 main keys; healthy habits, emotional intelligence, and proper communication.  These three items are necessary for a vibrant life.  A life where there are no limitations or filters on happiness.  These keys cost you...

SUCCESS FORMULA:  The Theory of Application Over Time

SUCCESS FORMULA:  The Theory of Application Over Time

This is a proven system.  It only takes your dreams, commitment, will to do and a little thing called determination to bring to life all that you have ever wanted. But, you must give it time.


Multiplied by: Time Spent in Practice ^ #YEARS OF STUDY AND APPLICATION


The formula above is pretty much common sense.

Whatever you envision for yourself; you must see yourself already there and then strategize a way to that path. 

This is the method that we all apply...

Secrets of a Self-Made Millionaire

Secrets of a Self-Made Millionaire

Millionaires and billionaires don’t work for companies they either start them or own them.

Yet many people think that the recipe of becoming wealthy consists in working hard for a company, climbing the corporate ladder, saving 10% every month for 40 years…

That’s the wrong approach.

If you want to become wealthy fast you must start your own company. But that’s only half of the formula.

Starting a company doesn’t necessarily means getting richer.

Think about that girl who opened a restaurant 3 years ago and who works from 6 am to 10 pm every day – weekend included. Do...