3 Keys to Success

There is an abundance of resources these days for how to make enormous amounts of money, get into relationships, build families, and retire wealthy.  There are also many lessons that can be found within today's over saturation of information referencing success.  One thing true about success, is that it is a matter of opinion.  What makes one person happy doesn't necessarily make another.

I break down success into 3 main keys; healthy habits, emotional intelligence, and proper communication.  These three items are necessary for a vibrant life.  A life where there are no limitations or filters on happiness.  These keys cost you absolutely nothing.  The only resource given to these items is time and a commitment to make yourself a better person.

Here's the breakdown:

  1. Emotional Intelligence:          Be emotionally indifferent and creatively solve issues
  2. Healthy Habits:                      Focus on your Mind, your Body, and your Soul
  3. Proper Communication:        Articulate ideas, thoughts, and feelings clearly

When you care for these three activities through precise action toward enhancing your personal development in each area everything falls into place.

 “Life is about precise actions and its dependencies”

                Ex: I am what I eat, think, & do 

Exercise precise actions consistently over time for results

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