Food For Thought!

Don’t allow what you experience to influence you!

Experience is a lesson learned…

Influence is attributed to divine guidance!

Be aware of your interpretations. They change with experience and contribute to divine guidance.

A team will always beat the individual!

Work hard for it!

Fully know and understand God (Truth) and make him known!

Know where you are leading people!

How much time does time take, as much time as time needs.

Only spend what you incrementally earn up to 25%…

The future never comes…It is only now!

The focus of being in business is to get your time back.

Look at everything in your life as an event, then analyze!

Stay away from time robbers and resource looters!

When you are broke you have insurance, when you have wealth you have assurance!

Copy a business within your purpose lane or create it.

Build with team!

Deal on a Win/Win Basis!

Your World is created by the words your of mouth!

There is always too much!

You should feel that way!

What will it make me?

Socially interact with people you will employ!

Have a purpose…then go from there.

Hit Small, then analyze!

Always work on your gains!

Establish corporate credit!

I will never know until you tell me what I get for it!

You need a coach to make you uncomfortable!

Be selective with advice and very careful on recommendations!

You must be qualified or seek qualified people!

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